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Some of the most common terms, translated. I hope this and possibly google translate can be a help!
If there’s anything you are in doubt of, you are more than welcome to write in the comments section of the specific recipe, and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p. 


g. = grams
spsk. = tablespoon
tsk. = teaspoon
dl. = deciliter
175grader = 175 degrees celsius = 350 degrees fahrenheit


pisk = whip
bland = mix
rør = stir
fordel = place


hvedemel/mel = flour
sukker = sugar
brun farin = dark brown sugar
flormelis = powdered sugar
kakao/chokolade = cocoa/chocolate
smør/margarine = butter
vaniljeessens/vaniljesukker = vanilla extract
æg = egg
bagepulver = baking powder
natron = baking soda
mælk = milk